Q & A with Janene Inzer, Executive Officer of the North Pulaski Board of Realtors

January 22-28, 2018

Where are you from?


I was born in Daytona Beach, Fla., but raised in upstate New York. We moved to Tampa when I was 14. I graduated from high school there and met my husband shortly thereafter. He was stationed at MacDill Air Force Base.  


Did you have any ties to real estate when you were growing up?  


I had no real estate ties that early. I was busy with our first child as my husband, Dan, went to Vietnam when our son was six months old.  


How and when did you first become involved with the NPBOR?  


I started working at Rainey Realty’s North Little Rock office as their office administrator in 1984. In 1990, when the Executive Officer position at the North Pulaski Board of REALTORS became available, I was encouraged to submit my application.  


Throughout your time with the NPBOR, what have been some of the biggest challenges for you?


I believe my biggest challenge was only having one week of training for the position. It was a one person office and adjusting to the new responsibilities was a bit overwhelming, to say the least. I was a new EO with a newly elected President. Fortunately, we can laugh about it now!


What have been some of the biggest successes?  


Our events. pecifically, our Table Top and Award for Excellence banquet. The Table Top and Award for Excellence committees work hard and have raised the bar for each of these events year after year and have absolutely taken them to new heights. Our members look forward to each event and they are well attended.   


How has the NPBOR changed during your time with the organization?  


The biggest change has been our membership growth from roughly 200 members to over 650 that we enjoy today.     


What are some of the ways that you have stayed on top of the changing technology and trends in the market?


We saw the need for an updated training room that would better serve our members. We added a new audio/visual system to enhance our new member orientation and continuing education classes. In addition, we added other communication improvements such as wireless access within the office, a board website, online newsletter, etc.  


How do you like living in Central Arkansas? What do you think we’re doing right/we could improve on, as an area?  


I love living in Central Arkansas. It’s a good size without being too big. I’m not a fan of “big city” living, and the subsequent problems and expense many of them have. I’m happy to see the improvement of new shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues moving to our area.        


In your opinion, what makes the NPBOR exceptional?


Our members. They are the best! For this reason, we try to keep our focus on them in everything we do.  


If you had to give someone starting out in his or her career some solid advice, what would it be?   


Manage your time. Treat it as though it were your most valuable commodity. It is.


Do you have any daily habits that help you succeed?


Since I sit at my desk for the better part of the day, I like to walk on my treadmill in the evening. Regular exercise helps. Still, the best daily habit for me is prayer and reading God’s Word for guidance.


What is your favorite thing to do when not working?


When at home, I like to spend time with family and friends. My husband and I love taking our RV to explore new destinations, but we’re especially fond of Ft. Wilderness at Disney World.  




Janene Inzer has proudly served the NPBOR for over 20 years. (Photo Courtsey of Randy Hayden Photography)