Type:   WO
Party:   Jeremy Yarberry
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   60DR-19-4543
Attorney:   Lynn Worsham

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. HON. RICHARD N. MOORE, JR, - 15TH DIVISION 6TH CIRCUIT. CASE NO. 60DR-19-4543. JEREMY YARBERRY V CHARLES YARBERRY. Charles Yarberry, 25 Oakwood Rd., Little Rock, AR 72202. WARNING ORDER. ARE WARNED TO APPEAR IN this court within thirty days to answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Failure to answer within 30 days could result in judgment against defendant. Date: March 2, 2020. /S/ Terri Hollingsworth, Clerk. DR2T-5/19,5/26/20