April 25 - May 1, 2016

Scholarship partners benefit UALR, Saline County

This year’s proceeds from the annual Swing Fore Saline Tournament will go towards scholarships for residents of Saline County who attend nursing school in Arkansas.

Insurance Insights

I am proud to report about how the hard work of a key group of professionals at the Arkansas Insurance Department has resulted in national recognition from our peers, and a five-year accreditation.

I Swear

His name is Cameron Ward.


This week I learned that I have been awarded a month-long residency at the William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center, better known as “The Barn,” through the Edward F. Albee Foundation – named for and founded by the playwright Edward Albee, who has received numerous awards for his plays, including three Pulitzer prizes for drama.

Critic's Corner

Something feels off, but Will can’t put his finger on it.

The Practical Lawyer

For some reason, my office has gotten some cases, which were kicked off because someone died without a will and their heirs started suing each other.

Kay's Cooking Corner

One day not long ago, I was leisurely strolling through my favorite health food market.

Are We There Yet?

I’ll be 59 next month, which seems much older than it really is, maybe not though.

A Day in the Life

Sophomore year of high school, I was enrolled in a Speech and Communications class

Jack Nelson Jones Professional Association

Union Pacific Railroad Company v. Skender, 2016 Ark. App. 206 (April 13, 2016)

View from the Cheap Seats

I went to the Arkansas Derby for the first time in about 10 years. I have trouble remembering why it was I had failed to go for that extended period of time.

Natural State Snapshot

Albert Pike is known for the flood that killed 18 people, but it is full of beauty waiting to be explored. For those interested in visiting, the main entrance is off of Hwy. 84 in Langley, Ark.

NPBOR hosts monthly meeting

North Pulaski Board of Realtors President Staci Medlock prepares to introduce speakers from the Arkansas Land Commission during the association’s monthly meeting at the Wyndham in North Little Rock on April 11.

UALR honors Bob and Peggy Denman at Taste of Little Rock

The UALR Alumni Association hosted their annual Taste of Little Rock event at the Jack Stephens Center on Thursday, April 12.