Adulting, No Thanks

July 15-21, 2019

By Cait Smith




My current obsession at the moment is HBO’s “Sex and the City” – a TV show about how a columnist, Carrie Bradshaw and her three girlfriends explore Mahattan’s night life whilst being working class women. 


Literally, when I get home my routine is: workout, eat, watch SATC all night until I pass out. If you know me, you know I’m horrible at binge watching shows, especially 50-minute Netflix TV shows. So, when I discovered this 30-minute gem available with my Amazon Prime subscription, I was instantly hooked. Who knew the main character, Carrie and I would have so much in common … writer, shopaholic and a twisted social life. 


I was honestly surprised by how much we’re alike seeing as this show originally aired from 1998-2004. But no matter the year, the problems remain the same. Every girl experiences her first breakup, her first promotion and her first argument. 


In a recent episode I watched, Carrie was mugged in broad daylight – the smuggler took her purse, wallet, and high heels. I can remember when this guy walked straight up to me and snatched my iPhone out of my hand. What did I do? I did exactly what anyone would do, I chased him up the hill for three blocks. My luck just so happened to end better than Carrie’s because I retrieved my phone back while her snatcher was never found. 


My friend Liz – who is also a SATC addict – told me how she can relate to all the girls on the show (Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte). A few episodes into the first season I thought the only person I could remotely relate to was Carrie. But after so many late night’s of my couch, cheetos, and seeing that static HBO logo reappear on the screen, I think I have a little bit of each character inside me. 


I have cookie-cutter tendencies like Charlotte; I love to let loose at parties like Samantha; and I take my work seriously like Miranda. All the girls are in their mid-30s and it makes me wonder what I will be like when I approach that age. Successful job and single? Well I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 


There are six seasons of SATC and I’m already on season four … quite frankly, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m completely finished.