Association executive finds job at perfect time

January 8-14, 2018

By Kara Lee Ford


Morgan Horton wasn’t looking for a job in February 2016, but the “right opportunity came up.” It was association executive of the Faulkner County Board of Realtors (FCBOR). At the time Horton was a stay-at-home mom with four children, although she had worked in the real estate field previously.


She had started out as an assistant to Realtors with Century 21 Dunaway and Hart. Later she became secretary for the local office in Conway, and she earned her Realtor’s license in 2008.  


Connie Briggler, who had been associate executive of the FCBOR for 13 years, was about to have knee surgery in early 2016 and would be off for an extensive amount of time. And then she planned to retire a year after that. The board decided it would be best to go ahead and find someone who could come in to work and train with Briggler.


“It was perfect timing for me,” Horton said. “I had a friend who was serving on the FCBOR Board of Directors at that time and asked me if I would be interested in the job. And I was.”


Horton said Faulkner County Realtors should get involved with FCBOR for several reasons.


“One of the big reasons is to have access to the multi-list, which is only available to members of the organization. Monthly meetings are held, which provide networking and educational opportunities,” she said. “Our 300 members are also very involved in the Special Olympics. Every year we host two events – a bowl-a-thon and a trivia night – to raise money for the organization, which is also supported by the statewide realtors association. This year the FCBOR raised $15,000 for Special Olympics.”


The organization also has an awards banquet every year, recognizing realtors on productivity.


“I love my job. I love working with so many different people,” Horton said. “I like being a part of all the activities we have and helping to put events together with association volunteers. Since I’m a staff of one, volunteers play a big roll.”


Since Horton hasn’t been association executive for too long, she finds the Association Executives Institute very educational.


“I attend the institute twice a year. It has helped me learn my specific job, along with technology and organization skills. It also offers the opportunity to bring back ideas on things that I can apply to our local group,” she said. “In August the institute was in Denver. Next spring I’ll be traveling to Charlotte, N.C.


“Each year I go to a second institute in Chicago with the incoming FCBOR president, who has just served as vice president. I really enjoy this program because we get to know each other and learn how to work together.” 


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Morgan Horton loves working as the association executive for the FCBOR, and she enjoys the opportunities her position provides.  (Photo provided)