Are we there yet?

July 18-24, 2016

By Jay Edwards

There was an obituary in Sunday’s statewide for a man I knew. His name was Bill Polasky, and he had played a round of golf with my brother-in-law, Dennis Althoff, on Thursday, June 7, on another of those hot days we’ve seen a bunch of lately. The golf was played at The Greens at North Hills. When I was a member of that course, back when it was known as North Hills Country Club, I used to see Bill there pretty often. He was always smiling and would usually greet you with a quick “Howdy,” before moving on to wherever he was headed. The Bill I remember never stood for long in one spot. There was a lot of energy there.

Another thing I remember was that he never rode in a cart. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t even use a pushcart, choosing rather to sling his bag over his shoulder and head off down the fairway after his ball, so he could hit another shot. The man had purpose.

I heard that after the round the other day, Bill left the course and went home and was moving some sod from a truck to his yard when he collapsed. He died that same day.

Bill’s obituary said that he was 73 when he passed away. It also said that he was a “1967 graduate of Ohio State University with a degree in accounting and was captain of Ohio State’s 1966 undefeated lacrosse team, an honorable mention All-American, and still holds the record for most goals scored by a midfielder to this day. He worked for Kraft Foods and Alliant Foodservice for 32 years, ending his career as the Regional General Manger for Foodservice Distribution with Alliant.”

Godspeed Bill.


Somehow we were greeted with temperatures that stayed around 80 the Saturday before last. KM and I took advantage of it and headed over to Hillcrest to the Farmer’s Market. I came away with a great watermelon, a very good cantaloupe, which was huuuge, as Trump might say, and some OK tomatoes. That last item was sad, as it was the main reason I had gone in the first place. It was spurred by Jim Hathaway’s post on Facebook of some beautiful tomatoes he had found. Now I think perhaps that Jim has Photoshop.

The good-tomato drought KM and I have been experiencing this year is troubling, but nothing new. If anyone knows where the good ones are, I’ll be your friend forever if you let me in on it.


Our good friend, Karen Hagood Stuthard, visited us recently from Fayetteville. I’ve known Karen since high school, but she and KM go back even further, to the 5th grade at Immaculate Conception, where they became BFF’s. Karen was talking about taking a vacation soon to Hot Springs and Lake Hamilton. I asked her if she would go water-skiing, which she has been doing since she was seven. But it’s been a few years so she wasn’t sure. Then she told about the day her mom and dad taught KM to ski. Let’s just say it took awhile, but her dad was patient and finally KM got up.

That reminded me of a time some 20 years ago when KM was skiing behind our party barge. I was in the front taking a picture of her. My brother Dean, who was driving the boat, was also watching her, as was everyone else. KM was waving frantically at us, trying to warn us we were about to run aground. We all just waved back. Then, sure enough, we ran aground. Thankfully, we all lived to laugh about it.

Be careful on the lakes this summer; at least more careful than we were that day.  

Jay Edwards is editor-in-chief of the Daily Record. Contact him at