Karen Moulton finds home and career in Arkansas

July 21-27, 2014

By Molly Baltzer

In the world today, the use of the Internet has skyrocketed whether one uses it to research a current event or post a picture on one of the many social media sites. It is also a go to place when looking for more information on someone or something such as a specific real estate agent. According to Karen Moulton, a real estate agent at The Property Group in Little Rock, “92% of people begin their search for agents online.” 

There are websites specifically for Realtor reviews including Zillow and Trulia. When searching for a certain Realtor, reviews on these websites immediately come up with comments from past clients. In Moulton’s case, this is a good thing because of the outstanding reputation she has built in the last four years working as a Realtor.

If you search her name on Zillow, comments read, 

“Exceeded expectations;”

“Very lucky to find Karen, she was great help in our process of buying our dream home;” 

“Best Realtor we have ever used.” 

And those five out of five star reviews go on. 

Moulton understands how crucial reputations online are, stating, “They search for a Realtor who will interpret information for them and tell them what the best strategy is. Those are the kinds of things people talk about and that is really important to me.” 

From Canada to Florida to Alabama, Moulton didn’t find her niche for real estate until she moved to Little Rock, in June of 2010. She received her real estate license, graduating from the National School of Real Estate and went on to be a member of the Little Rock Association of Realtors. Moulton is also a member of the Arkansas Realtors’ Association and of the National Association of Realtors. 

She originally moved to Little Rock because her husband, Dr. Richard Woolridge, received an opportunity to teach Management Information Systems, at the Business School at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. “It has been an absolute delightful surprise, we both feel so blessed. This is the best place that we landed, we just love it here,” Moulton said. 

Moulton is currently in her fourth year working at The Property Group and each year she says she is “always trying to increase her business from the year before.” In her third year of working with clients looking to buy and/or sell a house, Moulton sold 39 properties, bringing in over 8 million dollars.  

There are some key factors to being a successful real estate agent and setting your self apart from other agents, which Moulton has been recognized for. “The things that are most important are follow-up skills and doing what you say you are going to do,” she said, “and perseverance.”

“The average American knows over ten real estate agents, so you have to find a way to set yourself apart from everyone else,” she said. 

All around Central Arkansas, Moulton runs comparable market analyses for people looking at properties; attends meetings, makes deadlines, works with a business-networking group and continues to build client relationships, new and old. It is no question why she was named on a recent list of best Realtors, as she continues to succeed and grow as an agent every year.

“Buying a house is a big decision and also an emotional decision,” she said. “It is my responsibility to negotiate on my clients behalf and get the best deal for them I can,” Moulton explained. 

Gaining trust and putting the client before the commission are strong values Moulton follows, and those five out of five star reviews prove she is a woman of her word. She says, “one of the things that is really important to me as a Realtor is I want to be my clients real estate agent for life. I want them to call me back in 5, 10 years or whenever they want to sell their house.” 

When Moulton is not helping clients find their dream home or easing the stress of clients trying to sell their home quickly, she enjoys the Arkansas fresh air with her husband. “We are outdoor people. We like to hike, Richard rides his bike and we have rescue dogs; we live on a lake and we kayak,” she said.  “It is perfect.” 

Moulton’s future plans are to “get better and better at what I do and to grow my business. I see myself staying here, no question. This is our home.”