Idestini Right at Home in Saline County

April 23-29, 2018

By Ethan C. Nobles


The president of Idestini Dev Studio said the Bryant-based business has grown steadily over the past two years in Saline County and believes her company is right where it belongs.


“There’s no shortage of work,” said Idestini President Abbi Sims. “It’s just a matter of making yourself available and helping people understand what we do.”


Sims said she started the company because she wanted to achieve at least three things – to avoid driving to Little Rock to work, to have a flexible schedule and to spend more time close to home and her school-aged children.


So far, Sims said she has realized all of her goals. Furthermore, Idestini now boasts four full-time employees and two part-timers who act as support staff on projects. And, what does Idestini do? Sims said the company’s employees dedicate most of their time to building custom Websites and Internet-based software for clients.


She said it is critical to consider that companies no longer want just static sites, but are interested in maintaining an interactive presence with useful tools for both consumers and companies alike. Of course, companies are mindful of a mobile presence, too, and Idestini is set up to address those needs, too. In short, Idestini is set up to build everything from an Internet site to apps for Apple iOS and Google Android.


Idestini has worked on projects for American Taekwondo Association International, L’Oreal and the Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few companies that have hired the firm.


Sims pointed out one of the company’s biggest clients is American Taekwondo Association International, which is based in Little Rock – a surprise to some people who might not expect to find one of the largest martial arts organizations in the middle of Arkansas. Similarly, Sims said some might view a technology company in Saline County as somewhat unusual, but she pointed out that the location has worked very well for Idestini.


“I have faith Saline County is going to continue to grow and change,” she said, adding that her company has a significant advantage in its location – there is plenty of opportunity for technology companies in the growing area, but not as many competitors as there are in larger cities like Dallas. “It doesn’t hurt us to be here.”


In fact, Sims said her company’s niche means it is well suited to Saline County. She said the company is larger and has more resources than individual freelancers can provide, but costs less than large software development companies. In other words, Idestini strives to be an ideal fit for smaller business that – like it – are expanding and looking for a more significant Internet presence and Web-based software and analysis tools.


Looking at U.S. Census data provides evidence of both Saline County’s growth and better-than-average income. The population in Saline County in 2017 was estimated at 119,323 people – up 42.85 percent from 83,529 in 2000. That rate is significantly higher than both the 12.38 percent growth in Arkansas and the 15.74 percent increase in population in the United States during the same period. Meanwhile, the household median income in Saline County from 2012 through 2016 was $57,632 according to the U.S. Census bureau – higher than the $42,336 median in Arkansas and the $55,322 median in the United States.


That growth in population has resulted in more local opportunities for Idestini, but telecommuting means that work can be done for clients located just about anywhere. Such is the nature of the technology fields – a company can set up shop just about anywhere and still keep in contact with clients regardless of where they are located. While Sims said her company thrives on referrals and the majority of its clients are in Arkansas, she said Idestini does work on some projects for companies located outside of Arkansas and is set up to take on more.


Sims pointed out that her company does have a permanent office in Bryant, but that the kind of work the company does means telecommuting is an option for Idestini’s employers and contractors. Such flexibility, she said, also allows her to stay involved in the community – something Saline County residents who commute to Little Rock to work every day might have difficulty doing.


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  • Abby Sims
    Abby Sims