iRealty Arkansas: Meet the experts enhancing your homebuying experience

June 24-30, 2019

By Cait Smith 


What started as a small nest of Realtors has now grown into what we know as iRealty Arkansas. This company employs around 130 agents and has locations in Little Rock, Sherwood, Benton and Cabot. “Our agents are skilled to make the experience for clients not only knowledgeable but enjoyable,” said owner and CEO of iRealty Arkansas Kristen Kennon. 


Formed in 2013 by a small, tech-savvy team, iRealty has continued to grow over the years, carving a niche as a customer forward company equipped with innovative digital marketing. 


After taking over in 2016, Kennon had big plans for iRealty – she put time into making sure agents had the skills to better help their clients. In doing so, agents are specifically trained to learn the latest customer relationship management (CRM) software offered to them through the company. “I get to create what I think is a perfect real estate company. [...]. We’re not perfect but I work every single day to make it better,” Kennon said. 


Expansion comes organically to the company. For the Cabot location, Kennon envisioned Lora Blair to be its broker – within a month, Kennon and the iRealty team got the office running by fall 2018. She prides herself in taking bold steps. “I did all that because I knew in my heart Lora was going to be amazing and she is. We now have 20 agents in that office,” she said. Even with four locations in central Arkansas, Kennon values her relationships with all the agents – “It’s what feels good to me. When the agents are happy, the clients are happy,” she described.


Kennon ensures that working with iRealty, clients will receive nothing but the best.


“The most important thing to us is educating the client on what all is going to happen through the process.” She stresses this importance to all agents. “If a client reaches out to us multiple times then we haven’t done our job of informing,” Kennon said. 


While doing a solid job of working with clients. iRealty has also made a name for themselves as the creative office capable of putting together quirky videos that feature properties. “We like to have fun with our branding,” explained Kennon. A lot of their videos include singing, dancing and iRealty t-shirts (an added touch). “One of our main things is to be experts but also relatable to the clients that we serve,” explained Kennon.


Beyond providing quality service to clients, iRealty strives to give back to the community. “We collaborate and give back to our community aggressively. All four offices will pick a different nonprofit organization to work with each month,” said Kennon. Some of their projects have included collecting supplies for teenage mothers or backpacks for outdoor camps. “The company and agents always contribute. We are actively involved in restoring the community of central Arkansas,” she said.


Kennon encourages all agents to join a realty board – whether it’s North Pulaski Board of Realtors, Little Rock Realtors Association, or South Central Arkansas Realtors Association. “Real estate is about ethics and how we do business. With so many different tools to being a Realtor, you should be active in one [realty board] because there is always room for learning,” she said.


At the end of the day, all agents with iRealty are a family. Kennon said that although each office is different they all have the same set of values and morals. “Cabot is different from Sherwood as Sherwood is different from Benton, but we have that family atmosphere. As a whole we are the iRealty tribe,” stated Kennon. 


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The agents of iRealty are a family. They collaborate, grow, form friendships and give back to the community while doing what they love. (Photo courtesy of iRealty)