Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas donates to Hearts & Homes

December 25-31, 2017

By Becca Bona


On Thursday, Dec. 14 the Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas donated $1,000 to Hearts and Homes of Arkansas. Arkansas Realtors Association President Elect Velda Lueders was on hand to accept the check on behalf of the association.


Founded in 2009 by the ARA, Hearts and Homes is a nonprofit with a clear mission – assisting Arkansans who have lost their home or office through natural disasters or other catastrophic events.


Perhaps more than most, Realtors know the importance of a home. Beyond being the biggest investment most people make during a lifetime, a home comes down to one thing – livelihood. And while Realtors donate their time and money to many different causes, this one comes especially close to their hearts.


“The reason we recommended Hearts and Homes is because our Realtor partners founded this charity. We work closely with several Realtors in the community and [we] knew how much this charity meant to them,” explains Olivia Davis, an MBAA board member. “It is a great way for us to connect with our referral partners and to help our fellow Arkansans during tragedies. Since it is a local charity, members and donors of the MBAA can see where their money is going and they can also get involved other ways. It’s a great way to help those in our community.”


The ARA was ecstatic for the donation, and excited to put the money to good use.


“The Arkansas Realtors Association is proud to call Hearts & Home of Arkansas its charitable arm,” says Juli Gates, ARA Hearts & Homes representative. “On behalf of Hearts & Homes, we so appreciate the Mortgage Banker Association of Arkansas for their generous donation. We hope to continue to work with them in the future, and together we can help more Arkansans in need.”


About the Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas


The Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas was formed more than forty years ago to encourage sound and ethical business practices among its members; to acquire and disseminate correct and current information on pending legislation, rules and regulations affecting the real estate and mortgage business; to provide a platform from which the members can express their views. There are four area chapters within the state: Central, Northwest, Northeast, and Western. Each holds monthly membership meetings and special programs designed to fulfill this purpose.


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The Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas donated $1k to the Arkansas Realtors Association-founded Hearts and Homes of Arkansas, on Thursday, Dec. 14 at a general membership meeting. (Photo provided)