Natural State Snapshot

August 13-19, 2018

Photo by Kay Bona


Cruising down Highway 23 near Witter, Arkansas, you come up on a sight that just makes you stop and wonder. A step into the past, but – why here? What was the story? One from the owners daughter, Charlotte Holiday was more than happy to share her story with me. “My dad, Eddie Wilcutt, who has since passed, purchased the truck, and placed it in the yard of the cabin. The truck was bought from a family in Kingston, Ark., but had Texas tags on it. When we started painting our business sign on the truck, we noticed some old writing on the panels. Before it was in Texas, it had been a florist truck in Redondo Beach, Calif. It was Lennox florists; we thought that was just awesome. Dad also decided this was a busy, busy salesman so as a joke he made the drivers seat look like it could be a toilette-on-the-go, put a door on the seat bottom that could be lifted if you had no time to stop ... he was always doing funny things. My Dad was a real character and never met a stranger. Good, good memories and I miss him everyday." Thank you, Ms. Holiday, for sharing with us. Your dad lives on in the smiles that the Hillbilly Cabin continues to produce!