Natural State Snapshop

October 9-15, 2017

Photo by Kay Bona


While exploring Arkansas, I have seen such beautiful places. This is an old, deserted sharecropper’s house located on County Road 20 in rural Pickens Township, near Dumas, Ark. It is what was once the busy Pickens Plantation. R. A. Pickens and Son Company started out in 1881 as the Pickens Plantation at Walnut Lake, south of Dumas. At one point, some 500 people were employed in the various enterprises on the land – which included everything from cotton farming and ginning to a saw mill. I arrived at sunrise when the early morning clouds were still hanging around, making a picturesque backdrop. As I was taking pictures of this scene, I wondered at how many beautiful sunrises were witnessed by the family that once lived here.