The New Norm

May 25-31, 2020

By Cait Smith


Modifications – the social distance way 


One thing I’ve learned since being faced with the coronavirus is that humans haven’t lost their sense of enjoyment. Just the other day I witnessed a viral baby shower on Facebook thanks to the video chatting website, Zoom. A precious moment for the lovely couple was shared amongst friends and family through the internet. How initiative I thought. Yet it’s the new norm post COVID-19. No one is certain how long we’ll have to endure social distancing or wearing masks but we’re adjusting. 


To stay in good spirits, I thought I’d do a check-in on the Daily Record freelancers, as they too have other ventures they have to tend to. Dwain Hebda noticed a faster response time in his ability to adapt to change. “I have been surprised at my ability to take things in stride during this time. […]. What this situation brought out of me is an ability to quickly pivot, change direction and, some days, simply run in place, figuratively speaking,” Hebda said. No doubt after businesses started closing down I, too, quickly had to get used to home workouts and conducting phone/email interviews. 


Melody Seibenmann – a college student like myself – devoted most of her time to completing her senior year. “I took [quarantine] one day at a time. While school was still in session, my whole focus was graduating,” she said. Now that the warmer months of the year have approached, she’s finding ways to remain connected. “Still being able to attend church virtually is encouraging and lifting my spirits. I’m able to stay connected with close friends through FaceTime…” Seibenmann explained. 


It appeared that Victoria Mays and I we’re on the same accords when it came that quarantine funk: inactivity. “Most days are great, but other days I find myself planted on the sofa frustrated by the lack of motivation and inspiration I possess in the moment. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting with different habits and routines and paying attention to how they affect my livelihood,” Mays stated. I was happy to hear that wasn’t alone in that regard because lack of motivation can really drag a person down. Just like Mays, I remember to exercise daily and eat well.  


And in some instances, I’ve learned that people might have to get creative when it comes to change. Amber Davis took advantage of a local salon’s at-home spa packages. “I picked up all these tools and serums on a Friday evening. I lit a nice candle and spent a few hours steaming, masking, and pampering myself,” said Davis. Even with most local business still closed to the public, many can still benefit from their services. 


So, whether people are zooming loved ones out-of-state, sharing pictures with family through social media, or inhabiting new routines, we’re all well-adjusted to the new norm.  


  • Cait Smith
    Cait Smith