Type:   QT
Party:   Otis Lee Hardin
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   CV18-8471
Attorney:   Andrew L. Clark

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS CIVIL-9TH DIVISION OTIS LEE HARDIN, PLAINTIFF VS. NO. CV18-8471 THK KNOWN AND UNKNOWN HEIRS OF LUCAS MCDUFFIE BYRD, JOHN I. PURTLE, GUS BUTLER AND VERLON P. MCKAY SR. NOTICE OF QUIET TITLE ACTION TO: The known and unknown heirs of Lucas McDuffie Byrd, John I. Purtle; Gus Butler and Verlon McKay, and any other person who may claim an interest in the below described real estate or in Southwest Enterprises, Inc. Notice is hereby given that a COMPLAINT TO QUIET TITLE OR REFORM DEED AND DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP has been filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk of Pulaski County, Arkansas, to quiet and confirm title or reform the deed by which title was vested in and to the following described property in Pulaski County, Arkansas and to dissolve Southwest Enterprises, Inc. The Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 15, Township 1 South, Range 12 West containing 40 acres more or less. Any person claiming title or an interest of any kind to said property or Southwest Enterprises, Inc. is hereby notified to appear herein on or before 30 days from the date this notice is first published to assert his title or interest in said property and to demonstrate why the vesting deed should not be reformed or title to this property should not be quieted and confirmed in Southwest Enterprises a general partnership. WITNESS my hand and seal of the Court this 22nd day of January, 2019. Terri Hollingsworth, Circuit Clerk By: Deputy Clerk Prepared by: Andrew L. Clark Sr. AR Bar No 73018 Attorney for Plaintiff 1 Samantha Lane Maumelle, AR 72113 501-658-0294 lawyerclark@msn.com DR4T-1/29,2/5,2/12,2/19/19