Type:   CS
Party:   Bank of the Ozarks
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   60CV-17-2566
Attorney:   Brittany Clardy
Property:   5103 Locust; 3125 JFK Blvd, North Little Rock AR 
Property Description:   multi lots

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS TWELFTH CIVIL DIVISION BANK OF THE OZARKS, PLAINTIFF v. Case No. 60CV-17-2566 JOHN M. ROGERS AND ANGELICA N. ROGERS, formerly husband and wife; UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE; MARY BRACE; FIRST ARKANSAS BANK & TRUST; WILLIAM H. HOGAN; MARVIN NEWMAN; CENTENNIAL BANK; WALTER ANGER, COMMISSIONER OF REVENUES, DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION, STATE OF ARKANSAS; THE CITY OF NORTH LITTLE ROCK; 33 COLLECTIONS, LLC; 33 BASEBALL FOUNDATION; MARK B. ROBERTS; CALIFORNIA NEWSPAPERS PARTNERSHIP; LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS PUBLISHING COMPANY; and TORRANCE HOLDINGS, LLC, DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER’S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, pursuant to the authority and directions contained in the Default Judgment as to Defendants with Consent Decree of Foreclosure by Separate Defendants (hereinafter referred to as the “Foreclosure Decree”) of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas, Twelfth Civil Division, entered on August 28, 2019, in Case No. 60CV-17-2566, then pending between the above-named parties, the undersigned, as Commissioner of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas, will offer at auction, for sale to the highest bidder, at the main entrance of the Pulaski County Courthouse, 401 West Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, at 12:00 p.m. on September 26, 2019, the following described parcels of real property and any and all improvements, fixtures, and furnishings located thereon: Lot 1, Block 1, Pike View Addition to the City of North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, such real property having the address of 5103 Locust Street, North Little Rock, Arkansas (hereinafter referred to as “Parcel No. 1”). - and - Lot 10, Block 22, Park Hill Addition to the City of North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, such real property having the address of 3125 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 (hereinafter referred to as “Parcel No. 2”). Parcel No. 1 and Parcel No. 2 shall be auctioned separately. Parcel No. 1 will be auctioned first, followed immediately by the auction of Parcel No. 2. TERMS OF SALE For cash or upon credit of three (3) months, provided that if the sale is upon credit, the purchaser shall be required to execute a bond as required by law and the Foreclosure Decree, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of six and three-quarters percent (6.75%) per annum from the date of sale until paid, and a lien shall be retained upon the above-described property to secure payment of the purchase price; provided further, however, that if Plaintiff Bank OZK, formerly known as Bank of the Ozarks, is the highest bidder at the time of the foreclosure sale, Plaintiff may pay the purchase price by credit given upon the judgment granted to Plaintiff pursuant to the Foreclosure Decree, except as to the costs of the foreclosure sale. DATED this 3rd day of September, 2019. /s/ Camille Drackette Terri Hollingsworth, or her Designee Commissioner of the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas Pulaski County Courthouse 401 West Markham Street Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 (501) 340-8431 DR1T-9/10/19