Type:   LRORD
Party:   Ordinance 21,773
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   ORD 21,773
Attorney:   Susan Langley

ORDINANCE NO. 21,773 AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE LAND USE PLAN IN THE INTERSTATE 430 PLANNING DISTRICT (LU19-11-01) AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER KANIS ROAD AND CENTERVIEW DRIVE FROM OFFICE (O) TO COMMERCIAL (C), AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. WHEREAS, the Little Rock Planning Commission has reviewed the Land Use Plan and now recommends it for adoption. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF THE CITY OF LITTLE ROCK: Section 1. Located in Interstate 430 Planning District, southwest Corner Kanis Road and Centerview Drive, is changed from Office (O) to Commercial (C) as shown on the attached graphic. Section 2. Severability. In the event any title, section, paragraph, item, sentence, clause, phrase, or word of this ordinance is declared or adjudged to be invalid or unconstitutional, such declaration or adjudication shall not affect the remaining portions of the ordinance which shall remain in full force and effect as if the portion so declared or adjudged invalid or unconstitutional was not originally a part of the ordinance. Section 3. Repealer. All laws, ordinances, resolutions, or parts of the same that are inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency. PASSED: September 3, 2019 ATTEST: Susan Langley, City Clerk APPROVED: Frank Scott, Jr., Mayor APPROVED AS TO LEGAL FORM: Thomas M. Carpenter, City Attorney DR1T-9/10/19