Type:   LRPLNG
Party:   Z-5652-B
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   Public Hearing
Attorney:   Monte Moore

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING On January 30, 2020, at 4:00 in the Chamber of the Board of Directors of the City of Little Rock, Second Floor, City Hall, at 500 West Markham St., pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 36 of the Code of Ordinances, the Little Rock Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the following proposals. Z-5652-B - 9219 Sibley Hole Road; Recovery Centers of Arkansas Group Care Facility - Revised Special Use Permit. Z-9484 - 1705, 1709, 1719, 1919, 1921 and 1923 S. Cedar Street; request to rezone six (6) lots from “R-3” Single Family District to “R-4” Two-Family District. Z-9487 - 2112 and 2114 Wilson Road; request to rezone two (2) lots from “R-2” Single Family District to “R-4” Two-Family District. Z-9488 - 2224 and 2226 Wilson Road; request to rezone two (2) lots from “R-2” Single Family District to “R-4” Two-Family District. Z-4474-A - Unitarian Universalist Church Revised Conditional Use Permit; 1818 Reservoir Road. Z-6408-A - St. Bartholomew Catholic Church Parish Hall Conditional Use Permit; 1622 Marshall Street. Z-8898-B - Phillips Duplex Conditional Use Permit; 3316 Longcoy. Z-9485 - Strong Accessory Dwelling Conditional Use Permit; 205 Ridgeway. Z-9486 - Scott Accessory Dwelling Conditional Use Permit; 5312 B Street. LA-0085 - STT, Inc. Tree Harvest Remediation Variance; 6600 Interstate 30. The area of affected property is subject to decrease, and the proposed new classifications are subject to a more restricted classification. For properties where a rezoning is requested, the Land Use Plan for such properties will be reviewed by the Planning staff, and the proposed land use modifications could result in a plan amendment for the site or the general area. All interested parties may appear and be heard at said time and place. The application and other pertinent data are open and available for inspection in the Department of Planning and Development, 723 West Markham, Little Rock, Arkansas. All interested parties are invited to review the application in said office and discuss the details with the Zoning and Code Enforcement Administrator. The City of Little Rock complies with all civil rights provisions of federal laws and related authorities that prohibit discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. The City of Little Rock does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, income status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, political opinions or affiliation, in admission or access to and treatment in the City’s programs and activities, as well as the city’s hiring or employment practices. Complaints of alleged discrimination and inquiries regarding the City’s nondiscrimination policies may be directed to Caran Curry, Title VI Coordinator, 500 West Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201, 501-371-4583, or the following e-mail address: ccurry@littlerock.gov. This notice is available from the Title VI Coordinator in large print or recording.  Free language assistance for those with Limited English Proficiency is available upon request. La ciudad de Little Rock cumple con todas las disposiciones de derechos civiles de los estatutos federales y autoridades relacionadas que prohiben la discriminacion en programas y actividades que reciben asistencia financiera federal. La ciudad de Little Rock no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, credo, religion, sexo, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad, estado de ingresos, estado civil, orientacion sexual, identidad de genero, informacion genetica, las opiniones politicas o afiliacion, en la admision o acceso y tratamiento en los programas y actividades de la ciudad, asi como de contratacion de empleados de la ciudad. Las quejas de supuesta discriminacion y consultas sobre la politica antidiscriminatoria de la ciudad pueden ser dirigidas a Caran Curry, Coordinador del Titulo VI, 500 West Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72201, 501-371-4583, o en la siguiente direccion de correo electronico: ccurry@littlerock.gov. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND THIS 10TH DAY OF December 2019. Monte Moore, Zoning and Code Enforcement Administrator Department of Planning and Development DR1T-1/14/20