Type:   CS
Party:   Dustin Harrison
County:   Faulkner
Case Number:   23CV-20-333
Attorney:   Chasty Parker

COMMISSIONER’S SALE NOTICE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to the authority and directions contained in the Order of the Circuit Court of Faulkner County, Arkansas, made and entered on July 6, 2020, in a certain cause (No. 23CV-20-333) then pending between Dustin Harrison, Plaintiff, and Charles H. Coleman, Defendant, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public venue to the highest bidder, at the Faulkner County Courthouse in which said Court is held, located in Conway, Arkansas, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on August 11, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., the following described real estate, situated in Faulkner County, Arkansas: The West 100 feet of Lot 4-A, and the West 100 feet of Lot 4-B, of J. Wendell Henry’s Subdivision, of Lots 1 and 4 of Block 44 of Robinson’s Plan of the City of Conway, Arkansas, as shown on B. G. Wilson’s Map of said City, and the following tract of land, to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest corner of said Lot 4-B and running thence West 10 feet; thence North 117.5 feet; thence East 10 feet to the Northwest corner of said Lot 4-A; thence South 117.5 feet to the point of beginning; said tract having previously been the East one-half of an alley running North and South through the North one half of said Block 44, which alley has been heretofore closed by action of the City Council of the City of Conway, Arkansas. Subject to all rights of way, covenants and restrictions, easements and all other reservations of record. TERMS OF SALE: Full payment of the purchase price payable in cash or bank certified funds is required the day of sale.  Should any successful bidder fail to perform under the instructions of the Commissioner at time of sale, then that bid shall be void and set aside. The Commissioner thereafter shall find that the subject property be awarded to the next successive highest bidder, until performance is rendered. This property is sold “AS IS” and is subject to any and all stipulations made in the Order referenced above. Neither the Parties nor the Commissioner gives warranty as to the title, boundary lines, taxes and or improvements, if any, on this property. GIVEN under my hand this 14th day of July, 2020. Crystal Taylor, Commissioner of the Circuit Court. Prepared by: Chasty Parker, AR Bar No. 2008174. P.O. Box 1433, Conway, AR 72033, (501) 329-7722. DR1T-7/28/20