New PCBA president sets sights on involvement and relevance

June 10-16, 2024

By Cindy Smith


As the new President of the Pulaski County Bar Association, Megan Wells (of Hilburn & Harper) has clear goals and a strategic vision to ensure the Association’s continued relevance and value to its members. President Wells shared insights into the priorities and strategies for the coming year.


Main Goals and Priorities


“My main goal as President for the PCBA this year is to get attorneys from all areas of practice more involved in the Association and to find ways to ensure that the PCBA remains relevant and valuable to its members,” Wells stated.


Ensuring Relevance and Value


To achieve these goals, President Wells emphasizes the importance of a proactive and engaged Board. “We have a Board that I believe is going to be instrumental in helping ensure that we find ways to make the PCBA relevant and valuable to its members. The practice of law is ever-changing, especially in more recent years with the fast development of the internet and all its facets, with Covid and Zoom, and now with artificial intelligence. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that attorneys in our area are aware of changes and the impact those changes have on their practice,” she explained.


Additionally, President Wells aims to rejuvenate the social aspect of the Association. “Networking in the community and word-of-mouth referrals are still very large aspects of the practice of law, and it is important that attorneys from all areas get to know each other and interact with each other. Frequently, a case comes to an attorney who may then need to refer the case to another attorney with more expertise in a certain area of practice. If attorneys of the Association do not know each other, they are limited in the ability to ensure clients get the help they need,” she added.


Supporting Young Lawyers and Law Students


Recognizing the challenges faced by new entrants to the legal profession, the incoming PCBA President is committed to providing support and guidance. “Coming into the profession can be daunting, but the help of more experienced attorneys is invaluable. Not only do I hope to offer CLE for all attorneys of the Association, but also offer specific CLE that guides new and younger attorneys in their practice areas. Additionally, if we can get young attorneys active in the Association, it will allow them to make connection as to attorneys in their areas of practice who may be able to act as a mentor or give guidance in the future,” President Well shared.


Mentors and Influences


Reflecting on their own career, President Wells highlighted the significant influence of mentors. “Sam Hilburn and Bill James were both instrumental in my legal career. Bill was willing to offer me a job with no experience and give me an opportunity to get into law school. He taught me so much about trial practice. Sam gave me a clerkship and let me get into the area of family law where I still practice today. He’s been an amazing mentor and has made me the attorney I am today,” President Wells recounted.


With these goals and strategies, President Wells is set to guide the PCBA through a year of growth, engagement, and renewed relevance for all its members.  


Cindy Smith is the executive director of the Pulaski County Bar Association.


Photo Caption:


Outgoing Pulaski County Bar Association President Adrienne Griffis (left) passes the gavel to her successor, Megan Wells, at the Association’s Annual Meeting on May 23 at the Robinson Center.