June 5-11, 2023

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Quiet Titles: 1
Non-Judicial Foreclosures: 7
NJFFlagstar Bank, N.A. vs. Barry Green Saline10126 Mars Hill Road Bauxite 72011View
NJFGregory Funding, LLC vs. Todd Patton Faulkner64 Patton Road Wooster 72181View
NJFPrimary Residential Mortgage vs. Hope Davis Saline311 Gathering House Rd Benton 72015View
NJFPrimary Residential Mortgage vs. Tanner W. Lewis Lonoke6492 Highway 319 West Austin 72007View
NJFPennyMac Loan Services, LLC vs. Michael Monton Faulkner57 Trenton Drive Greenbrier 72058View
NJFShellpoint Mortgage Servicing vs. Crystal J. Massey Saline1009 Lewis Avenue Bauxite 72011View
NJFMidFirst Bank vs. Scott M. Brookens Pulaski7012 Northlake Drive Jacksonville 72076View
QTIn the Matter of Wayne Allen Dillon vs. All persons claiming an interest in real property described herein located in Pulaski County, ARPulaski View
8 entries found

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