Realtor Spencer Hawks releases children’s book

June 10-16, 2024

Conway, AR, As summer unfolds and students embark on their vacation adventures, they can look forward to adding a delightful new book to their reading lists. Spencer Hawks, an esteemed educator, legislator, and real estate broker, proudly steps into the role of children’s book author with his first publication, “I’m A Paperclip.”


With a rich background in K-12 and religious education, Hawks brings his educational expertise to the forefront, crafting a 30-page illustrated story that resonates with both young readers and adults. “I’m A Paperclip” explores themes of unity and mutual support, emphasizing the importance of helping one another and recognizing our interconnectedness.


“The book is about embracing our differences while encouraging us to help our peers with their struggles as we realize the connectivity that we all have in society, both within our small communities and the wider world,” said Hawks.”


The concept for “I’m A Paperclip” has been nurtured by Hawks for nearly twenty years, and a recent pause in his political career provided the perfect opportunity to realize this vision.


The book is designed to captivate and educate, ideal for a quick, engaging story time session. It also includes an object lesson, making it a practical tool for interactive learning experiences in educational settings.


“I’m A Paperclip” is available for pre-order on and at


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Embark on a journey of understanding and connection with “I’m A Paperclip” this summer—a meaningful addition to any young reader’s collection.  




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