Argenta a hub for Herbalife

August 12-18, 2019

By Cait Smith


When you eat better, you feel better; when you feel better, you make smarter choices in life. Think about what you consume on a day-to-day basis and how it affects you physically and mentally. Are you getting enough energy to finish your day? This is what Miles Monroe and Angel Hairston considerably thought about while brainstorming ideas for a new business. 


“We thought how we could share our nutrition knowledge with the community,” Hairston said. In turn, Argenta Nutrition was brought to life – a space dedicated to bringing health awareness to the light in the form of nutritious shakes and teas. 


Monroe and Hairston started as childhood friends and later became a couple. “We met at Lakewood Middle School and our friendship grew over the years,” said Monroe. Common interests and goals have kept them together as they maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle – so it was a natural fit as they stepped into the nutrition business. “I remember I walked into a nutrition spot like this [Argenta Nutrition] and after a couple of times, I started seeing positive results in my body. That’s when I decided to take my health more seriously,” explained Hairston. She not only wanted to take her health seriously, but wanted to pass this onto others, as well. “I wanted to help people feel good like me,” she said. Monroe soon began to pursue the idea and the two started to prepare plans.


Natives of North Little Rock, Arkansas, the young couple knew Argenta would be the perfect neighborhood to start the business. “When we first came to Argenta, we knew it was a developing area. So, having the opportunity to get in before a lot of changes happen made it totally worth it,” said Monroe. Having already been a previous business owner, Hairston brought that extra experience to the drawing board when the pair started laying out ideas for Argenta Nutrition. “When I owned a dance studio, the level of support I had was super limited. Going into this business, I’ve really enjoyed that switch from having to do everything myself to doing it with a team,” she said. Monroe, Hairston and their team slowly began building in May of 2018 and by July, Argenta Nutrition was open for business. 


Monroe and Hairston arranged their menu into three simple steps: aloe shot, tea, then shake. “When you’re working with someone as a nutrition coach, you want to focus inward. First, you look at their digestive and metabolic health, then you focus on the energy levels to help them with their motivation and last, you look at what they’re actually consuming,” stated Hairston. This method is known as an herbalife diet designed to help people lose weight by reducing their calorie intake with meal replacement shakes and boosting metabolism with supplements. 


By combining all these components together into three easy steps the team at Argenta Nutrition has created a clean introduction into the herbal lifestyle. “This step-by-step method brings on questions that we’re happy to answer because we want to see and promote positive health changes,” said Monroe. Argenta Nutrition’s shots, teas, and shakes along with coffees and smoothies come in a variety of flavors and combinations customers can choose from. 


For those wanting a better understanding, once a month they’ll have a ‘Shake Party.’ “At our shake parties you get to try the products, we will explain to you how they work, and you get to take free samples home. It’s a fun hanging out session to meet other people,” said Monroe. 


Shake parties aren’t the only thing they’re using their space for. A part of living a healthy lifestyle means staying physically in shape, so they offer free fitness classes for their customers. “We’ve got workouts – indoor and outdoor – yoga and we’re even offering salsa classes right now. We definitely try to utilize our space in whatever ways we can,” said Hairston.


Both Monroe and Hairston are fully committed to connecting Argenta Nutrition with the community of Little Rock. “One of our main focuses is reaching the community so we welcome anybody with open arms. We love hosting free events like fit camps and art classes … young entrepreneurs with ideas but don’t have a space to create are available to come here and work,” explained Monroe. With the level of support they receive from their social media, it not only brings their business new customers but new connections to other businesses as well. “We like to call ourselves a community center because we’re bringing together all walks of life into one space to live healthier lifestyles,” said Hairston.


There’s no place for Argenta Nutrition to go from here but up. “Promoting a healthy lifestyle, lowering the obesity rate and supporting the community is the best part of having this business,” they both agreed. 


Argenta Nutrition is located at 419 Main St., North Little Rock, AR 72114. Store hours are Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m then 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. then 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram @ArgentaNutrition. 




Herbalife nutrition – a new trend that’s taking the world by storm has made its way to North Little Rock, Arkansas with Argenta Nutrition. Owners Angel Hairston and Miles Monroe are using appetizing shakes, teas, and aloe shots to combat obesity rates in the state while also bringing the community together. Argenta Nutrition offers an array of discounted health and fitness classes, yoga and stress relieving meditation, and community events. There’s also plenty of space to work, create,and try new products. (Photos courtesy of Argenta Nutrition Team  and  by Cait Smith)


  • Angel Hairston and Miles Monroe
    Angel Hairston and Miles Monroe