Mover and shaker Shuffield joins Foundation Fund Board

April 8-14, 2019

By Cait Smith 


“I’m ecstatic to interact with people who are working hard to increase the opportunities for everyone within the community and state,” said accountant of Frost, PLLC, Cheryl Shuffield as she gears up in joining the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Foundation Fund Board. As an alumnus, Shuffield is looking forward to lending a helping hand on the board as well as getting acquainted with longtime colleagues. 


Shuffield always strives to be helpful as far back as she can remember – from working on her parent’s farm to assisting with her father’s bookkeeping. Although she received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Central Arkansas, the exposure from her father’s entrepreneurial businesses is what ultimately drove her to get an accounting degree. “When it was time to put up or shut up, I decided to complete an undergraduate degree in accounting. [...]. In 1979, when I was eligible to take the CPA exam, I did so. I passed and a couple weeks later, I started to work at [Frost, PLLC],” explained Shuffield. 


Since 1979, Shuffield has been focused on reaching her goals. She recalls doing a lot of elbowing to get her foot through the door. “Back then there weren’t many women in public accounting. You had to learn how to be aggressive, communicate directly, and stand up for who you are,” she said. Six years later with the firm, Shuffield became a partner. “Look like a lady, act like a man, and work like a dog,” is her mantra to success. 


When Shuffield is not doing public accounting work, she also gets her feet wet in the litigation arena because as she put it, “I like the challenge of it.” She explained how the work is an outlet for her. “I enjoy it because of my interest in the law. It was a way for me to learn and participate in that world,” she said. Her work includes testifying as an expert witness in financial tax and business valuation as well as taxation and auditing. 


Even with the ever-changing trends and technology, Shuffield has a good grip on things. Most of her work is personal so the demand for accommodation isn’t high. She stated the only thing that most accountants have to juggle is time-management. “The hardest thing about rendering our kind of services is meeting the clients’ demands. Most of the time, they want an instant answer – which creates a lot of stress for everyone,” she said. 


Aside from managing time and stress, Shuffield proclaims doing what you love takes patience. “If you’re fortunate enough to do what you love, you’ll be a success at it. Step outside your comfort zone from time to time - don’t be afraid to stretch,” she said.  


As Shuffield is winding down in her career, her involvement within the community continues. Thanks to a referral from a friend, she was contacted by the Senior Director of Development to join the UA Little Rock Foundation Fund Board. Shuffield agreed as she will get the chance to be part of something great. 


The UA Little Rock Foundation Fund Board members are ambassadors of goodwill to the school and community of Little Rock. They meet four times out of the year to oversee the activities of the foundation fund. They are expected to make an annual contribution, participate in an annual fundraising campaign, and be involved with matters related to public higher education. 


“We have some interesting social events that are coming up. I’m certainly happy that I’m able to be a part of that,” she explained. This will also be the time for her to catch up with other friends on the board as well. “One of my friends on the Foundation Fund Board is Janey Yocum. She has been a good role model – she’s a very active member and has done a lot of things for the board,” she said. 


Along with serving on the Foundation Fund Board, Shuffield holds a seat on the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences. 


While the work is nonstop for Shuffield, one thing is for certain, she always makes time for family and friends. 


Some information taken from UA Little Rock Communications


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    Cheryl Shuffield