The New Norm

June 29 - July 5, 2020

By Cait Smith


Present passions


A couple of weeks ago I shared with you all that I would practice of the sacred art of meditation to help me weather the pandemic. So, I browsed through YouTube videos for the best meditation-101 tutorials. After my morning run, I gave it a go. By its nature, mediation brings the mind to a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state. However, I did not quite get there. It was hard to focus on one single thing when my apartment is situated by the courtyard, hence screaming kids. But with consistency, I will get there. 


Someone who has been adamant about mediation is Sarah Pilcher, registered yoga teacher (RYT) of 365 Yoga Dream. She used this sensitive time as a way to be present for her clients. “Right now, people need peace in their minds and an ability to focus. I have been providing them that with mediation classes via Zoom and Facebook live,” she said. With all the things changing around us it is important that we find inner peace with ourselves. 


Even with technology at her disposal, Pilcher found it challenging to teach class at times because some clients did not know how to properly login into Zoom. She also missed those in person interactions. “It is a different feeling when you are actually surrounded by people. You can feel the energy in room. On Zoom, it is not the same,” explained Pilcher. 


Indeed, nothing has been the same since COVID-19. Zoom interactions with my classmates from school are different too. Normally we would meet in a classroom or a coffee shop to discuss changes, but the recent times have caused us to migrate to Zoom. The conversations could not be any duller. 


But we can say that the virus has shined a light on old passions. For me poetry, for Pilcher gardening and cooking. Both tedious jobs have given her a reason to slow down and enjoy the moment. “Gardening is like meditation to me because I’m pulling out weeds, I’m planting roses and daisies, and I’m watching them blossom. It is relaxing,” she said. Pilcher and her husband have been using their free time gardening vegetables as well. 


Because Pilcher is high-risk, she will remain teaching yoga classes from home. But she expressed her excitement to see her clients face to face soon. “I cannot wait to physically put my eyes on them and hug them. I have watched their skills grow these past few months during quarantine. They have been practicing hard,” she said. Pilcher’s clients are like her garden, they are continuously blossoming.   


  • Cait Smith
    Cait Smith
  • Sarah Pilcher, Yoga Teacher (RYT), 365 Yoga Dream
    Sarah Pilcher, Yoga Teacher (RYT), 365 Yoga Dream