Type:   NOT
Party:   Notice if impound
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   Notice of impound
Attorney:   Chris Routh

NOTICE OF STORAGE LIEN Department of Motor Vehicle records indicate you are the owner/lien holder of the captioned vehicle, which is being held at Routh Wrecker Service, Inc. 6403 Fourche Dam Pike, Little Rock, AR 72206, (501) 490-1360. As required by Arkansas House Bill 1472 That towing, storage, and administrative costs are accruing as a legal liability of the owner; That the towing and storage firm claims a first priority possessory lien on the vehicle and its contents for all such charges; Unless claimed within 45 days, the vehicle and its contents will be dismantled, destroyed, or sold at public sale to the highest bidder. That the failure to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle and its contents within the time prescribed waiving all rights by this section constitutes a waiver by the owners and lienholders of all right, title, and interest in the vehicle and its contents and constitutes their consent to the sale, dismantling, or destruction of the vehicle and its contents. That the owner or lien holder may retake possession at any time during business hours by appearing, providing ownership, and releasing the law enforcement or other official hold, if any, and by paying all charges or by other written arrangement between the owner or lienholder and the towing and storage firm. That should the owner consider that the original taking was not legally justified, he or she has a right for twenty (20) days to contest the original taking as defined by § 27-50-1207 That the owner, operator, or his or her authorized representative may recover without charge possession of any items identified in § 27-50-1207 (a) (2) (b) by providing within 45 days the towing and storage firm with proof that the claiming Person is the registered owner of the vehicle or has been authorized by the registered owner of the vehicle to obtain such property; and Notices to owners of vehicles deemed abandoned on the premises of automobile repair facilities pursuant to §27-50-1101 shall also advise that the automobile repair person holds an absolute lien on the vehicle pursuant to § 18-45-201 et seq. Any charges in excess of the sale proceeds shall remain a civil obligation of the owner, which may be collected in a court of law. 03 DODGE RAM 1500 BLACK 1D7HU18Z63S187825, 99 CHEV TRUCK GOLD 1GCEC19V0XZ159186, 90 GMC SIERRA BLACK 1GTDK14ZXLZ556018, 07 TOYOTA CAMRY BLACK 4T1BE46K67U649021, 14 NISSAN ALTIMA GREY 1N4AL3AP4EN211940. DR1T-9/15/20