Type:   NLRNOT
Party:   Notice of condemnation
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   303 N. Beech Street
Attorney:   Felecia McHenry

LEGAL NOTICE OF PROPOSED CONDEMNATION. Date: November 6, 2020. To: The hereinafter named owners and mortgage holders of record and all others who claim an interest in the hereinafter described properties:

1. 303 N BEECH Street
Lot 17 Block 19 SUB: East Argenta 
Parcel: 33N3080018300
North Little Rock, AR  72114

Notice is hereby given that a building or other structure located upon the previously described lands will be considered for condemnation by the North Little Rock City Council at their meeting on February 22nd, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. has a right to contest the condemnation of this structure before the City Council at the public hearing. Tom Wadley, Director. DR1T-11/17/20