Type:   WO
Party:   Owings Law Firm
County:   Saline
Case Number:   63CV-21-245
Attorney/Contact:   Tammy B. Gattis

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, ARKANSAS, 2ND DIVISION. OWINGS LAW FIRM, PLAINTIFF. VS. CASE NO.: 63CV-21-245. EDDY BLAKE, JR., DEFENDANT. WARNING ORDER. TO: Eddy Blake, Jr. You are hereby notified that Plaintiff, Owings Law Firm, whose attorney’s address is listed below, has filed a Complaint and Summons, in the above referenced matter. A copy of the Complaint and Summons shall be delivered to you or your attorney upon request to Plaintiff’s Attorney listed below. You are notified that you must appear and defend by filing your response to the Complaint within thirty (30) days of the date of the first publication of this Warning Order, and in the event of your failure to do so, you may be barred from asserting your interest in this matter and judgment by default may be entered for the relief demanded in the Complaint as circumscribed by the laws of the State of Arkansas. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Clerk of the Court this day of June, 2021. Myka Bono, Saline County Circuit Clerk. Attorney for Petitioners: Tammy B. Gattis, 89178, Owings Law Firm, 415 North McKinley, Suite 250F, Little Rock, Arkansas 72205. 501-661-9999 Phone, 501-661-8393 Facsimile. DR2T-7/13,7/20/21