Type:   LRNOT
Party:   Notice of hearing for West 11th Street
County:   Pulaski
Case Number:   West 11th Street
Attorney/Contact:   Susan Langley

NOTICE OF HEARING. To Whom It May Concern: Please take notice that public hearing has been set on request to abandon that portion of the West 11th Street Right-of-Way, located between South Monroe and Jonesboro Drive in the City of Little Rock, Arkansas; and for other purposes. The Board of Directors will hear said request and determine what action to be taken on July 20, 2021, at 6:00 PM at the M.L. Harris Auditorium at Philander Smith College, 900 West Daisy L Gatson Bates Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas. All individuals interested therein may attend and be heard at said time and place. Susan Langley, City Clerk. DR1T-7/13,7/20/21