Type:   QT
Party:   Brittney Robinson
County:   Pulaski
Attorney/Contact:   Jerry Larkowski

IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF PULASKI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, 12TH DIVISION. Brittney Robinson, PLAINTIFF V. 60CV-22-4178 Unknown heirs of Joe Millard Wadley and Juanita Irene Wadley; Estate of Louis Ruffin; Debbie Johnson, Phyllis Harvey, Potential Claimants, DEFENDANTS. NOTICE OF CONFIRMATION OF TAX SALE AND QUIET TITLE ACTION- Notice is hereby given that a Petition has been filed in the office of the Circuit Clerk of Pulaski County, Arkansas, to quiet and confirm title in and to the following described property in Pulaski County, Arkansas: Tract A-219 E. Emily, North Little Rock, Arkansas, PT PLOT C OF DAVIS TR #2 BEG 167 FT S OF NW COR TH S 243 FT TO N SIDE OF EMILY ST BEING SW COR OF PLOT C TH NE ALONG EMILY ST 84FT N 156 1/2FT W5FT N 50FT W 60 FT TO BEG .25AC. Tract B- 510 E. 50th, North Little Rock, Arkansas, PT SW SE MPDA COM NW COR SW SE TH S88 29'35"E702.55* S0*10'28"W369.31' 88*32'32"W394.73'N03*40'05"E16.37' TO POB TH N86*16'57"W31.7' S03*41'05"W10'N86*54'49"W91.09' N02*06'54"E109.77' S88*32'34"E125.89" S03*41'05"W103.69' TO POB & PT SW SE MPDA COM NW COR SW SE TH S88*29'35"E702.55' SO*10'28"W369.31' N88*32'32"W394.73 TO POB S03*41'06"W120.09' N88*32'47"W 64.59' N3*41'06"E128.65' S86*54'49"E32.84' N03*41'05"E10" S86*16'57"E31.7' S3*41'05"W16.37' TO POB 16-2N-11W. The properties described herein were conveyed to Brittany Robinson by limited warranty deed issued pursuant to a tax sale conducted by the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands after the properties remained UN redeemed and at the time. For redemption having expired. The last person assessed to pay taxes on the above described real property was Phyllis Harvey. Any person claiming any title or interest of any kind to such property is hereby notified to appear herein on or before September 7, 2022, at 1:15 pm in Room 350 to assert his title or interest in such property and to demonstrate why title to this property should not be quieted and confirmed in Brittney Robinson, Plaintiff herein. This notice is given pursuant to the sale of properties to plaintiff by the commissioner of state lands which sale was conducted in conformity with Act 626 of 1983, as amended this notice is published in keeping with the requirements of Arkansas code annotated § 18-60-603 and §26-38-203. WITNESS my hand and seal of the Court this 19th day of July, 2022. Terri Hollingsworth, Clerk. DR4T-07/26, 08/02, 08/09, 08/16/22