Type:   NLRNOT
Party:   Legal Notice of Condemnation at the October 24th City Council Meeting
County:   Pulaski
Attorney/Contact:   Felecia McHenry

LEGAL NOTICE OF PROPOSED CONDEMNATION-Date: September 13, 2022. To: The hereinafter named owners and mortgage holders of record and all others who claim an interest in the hereinafter described properties:

1.2200 East Broadway
Elvin Williams
Lot: 12 Block: 23 Sub: Choctaw
Legal Description: LT 12 BK 23 EXC 55 SQ FT FOR R/W PER 06-021953 36-2N-12W.
Parcel: 33N3180008900
North Little Rock, AR  

2. 2123 E. 2nd. Street
Elvin Williams
Lot: 2  Block: 22 Sub: Choctaw
Legal Description: East 50’ of the South ½ of Lot 2 Block 22, Choctaw
Addition to North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.
Parcel: 33N3180008100
North Little Rock, AR   

3. 1332 Van Street
Brandi Thomas
Lot: 17  Block: 6  Sub: Glenview Ren #3
Legal Description: N/A
North Little Rock, AR  

4. 4104 Freeman Circle
Hulon Wayne Barker / Cindy A. Barker
Lot: 49 Block: 0 Sub: Freeman Addition
Legal Description: Lot 49, Freeman Addition to the City of North
Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas, and that part of said
Freeman Addition being East of said Lot 49 and West of the
Westerly Right-of-Way Line of Camp Robinson Spur Railroad, more
particularly described as beginning at the NE corner of said Lot 49;
thence South 86 degrees 07 minutes 33 seconds East, 143.04 feet;
thence South 10 degrees 55 minutes 47 seconds West, 71.37 feet;
thence South 78 degrees 46 minutes 56 seconds West, 75.36 feet
to the SE corner of said Lot 49; thence North 30 degrees 22 minutes
52 seconds West, 109.3 feet to the point of beginning.
Parcel: 33N1570004400
North Little Rock, AR  

5. 213 Crockett Street otherwise known as 219 Crockett Street.
MacArthur Properties LLC.
Lot: 4  Block: 66  Sub: Topfs Sub
Legal Description: Topfs Sub Div Except Right of Way & 4 66 S 50’
Parcel: 24N0130002600
North Little Rock, AR  

6. 4807 Massie Street
Mid-Ark Property & Investments Inc.
Lot: 1 Block: 1 Sub: Massie West Sub
Legal Description: Part of Lot 1 Block 1, Massie –West Subdivision,
located in the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of the Section 14, Township 2
North, Range 12 West, less and except that part being described
as: Beginning at a point on the South line of the said Lot 1, (which
is the North line of Massie Street) 125 feet West of the Southeast
corner thereof; thence run North 238.8 feet to the Southeasterly side of
Camp Robinson Spur Railroad Right of Way; thence Southwesterly
along said Railroad Right of Way a distance of 279 feet to the North
line of Massie Street; thence run East 148 feet to the Point of
Beginning, now in the City of North Little Rock, Pulaski County,
Arkansas. To be platted as Lot 1R, being a replat of part of Lot 1
And the W1/2 of Lot 2, Block 1 of Massie West Subdivision.
Parcel: 33N0370000100
North Little Rock, AR  

7.324 E. 21st Street
Casey Wingfield/Karren Ford
The East 50 Feet of Lots 1, 2, and 3, Block 58,
North Argenta Addition to the City of North Little Rock, Pulaski
County, Arkansas,
Parcel: 33N2110047700
North Little Rock, AR  

Notice is hereby given that a building or other structure located upon the previously described lands will be considered for condemnation by the North Little Rock City Council at their meeting on OCTOBER 24th. at 6:00 p.m. has a right to contest the condemnation of this structure before the City Council at the public hearing. Felecia McHenry, Director DR1T- 09/20/22