Type:   NJF
Party:   Southwest Funding, LP
County:   Pulaski
Attorney/Contact:   Marinosci Law Group, PC
Property:   414 Prothro St, North Little Rock AR 72117
Property Description:  

MORTGAGEE’S NOTICE OF DEFAULT AND INTENTION TO SELL. YOU MAY LOSE YOUR PROPERTY IF YOU DO NOT TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION.  IF YOUR PROPERTY IS SOLD, YOU WILL REMAIN LIABLE FOR ANY DEFICIENCY AND AN ACTION FOR COLLECTION MAY BE BROUGHT AGAINST YOU. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on February 24, 2023, at or about 10:00 AM, the following real property will be sold at the Main Entrance of the Pulaski County Courthouse, 401 West Markham, Little Rock, AR 72201, to the highest bidder for cash: Begin At A Point On The West Line Of Block 63, John L. Atkins School Subdivision, Which Is 250 Feet From The Southwest Corner Of Said Block, Run Southeast To A Point On The East Line Of Block 63 Which Is 200 Feet From Atkins Street As Measured Along Said East Line; Thence East Parallel With Atkins Street To A Point On The East Line Of Block 64 Of Said Subdivision Thence Northeast Along Said East Line 30 Feet; Thence Northwest Parallel With Oak Street To, The East Line Of Prothro`s Street Thence Southwest Along Said East Line 75 Feet To Point Of Beginning, All In And Of Blocks 63 And 64, John L. Atkins School Subdivision Of Part Of Spanish Grant Number 2431 And Part Of Section 32, Township 2 North, Range 11 West, Now In The City Of North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas. More commonly known as: 414 PROTHRO ST, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR 72117. On March 12, 2020, EMANUEL HAMPTON executed a Mortgage in favor of Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. ("MERS"), as mortgagee, as nominee for SOUTHWEST FUNDING, LP., as Beneficiary, which was recorded March 19, 2020 as Instrument No. 2020017999 in the real estate records of Pulaski County, Arkansas. Default has occurred in the payment of said indebtedness, and is now wholly due.  The loan is now in default. Tenants of the property may claim an interest in the real property herein. The terms of the call are certified funds paid at the conclusion of the sale or wiring of funds within twenty-four hours of the sale. All transfer taxes will be the responsibility of the purchaser. The party initiating this action is Cenlar FSB, 425 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing, NJ 08618, 877-909-9416. December 14, 2022. Scot P. Goldsholl Managing Attorney, Arkansas Marinosci Law Group, P.C. as Attorney in Fact for AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC. LEGAL PRECEDENT IS NOT CLEAR AS TO WHETHER THE SENDING OF THIS LETTER MAKES US A DEBT COLLECTOR.  TO THE EXTENT IT DOES, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT, AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.  HOWEVER, IF YOU ARE IN BANKRUPTCY OR HAVE BEEN DISCHARGED IN BANKRUPTCY, THIS LETTER IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT INTENDED AS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT OR AS AN ACT TO COLLECT, ASSESS, OR RECOVER ALL OR ANY PORTION OF THE DEBT FROM YOU PERSONALLY. IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN THE MILITARY SERVICE OR HAVE BEEN IN THE MILITARY SERVICE WITHIN THE PAST YEAR, AND YOU ENTERED THE SERVICE AFTER SIGNING THE PROMISSORY NOTE AND DEED OF TRUST, PLEASE NOTIFY THIS FIRM IMMEDIATELY AS YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO RELIEF UNDER THE SERVICEMEMBERS CIVIL RELIEF ACT. WHEN CONTACTING THIS FIRM ABOUT YOUR MILITARY SERVICE, YOU MUST PROVIDE THIS FIRM WITH EVIDENCE OF YOUR MILITARY STATUS. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE SUCH EVIDENCE, WE WILL ASSUME THAT YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO PROTECTION UNDER THIS ACT. This instrument prepared by: Marinosci Law Group, P.C., 415 North McKinley, Suite 360 Little Rock, AR 72205, (401) 234-9200. 22-01868 DR4T-01/24,01/31,02/07,02/14/23