Type:   NLRNOT
Party:   Legal Notice of Proposed Condemnation
County:   Pulaski
Attorney/Contact:   Felecia McHenry

Date: September 13, 2023
To: The hereinafter named owners and mortgage holders of record and all others who claim an interest in the hereinafter described properties:

1. 300 E. 19th. Street
Imran Bohra
Lot: 6 Block: 3 Humphrey and Baldwin Sub
Parcel: 33N2190001900
North Little Rock, AR

2. 317 Short Street
Shirley Ann Simpson
c/o Paula Link
Lot: 2 Block: 6 Poe’s Sub
Parcel: 23N0710001900
North Little Rock, AR

3. 709 Water Street
Nectarine LLC
Seshagiri Panchapagesan
Legal Description: The East Half of Block 186 (Being all that
portion of Block 186 lying within 120 feet of Water Street) Rich
Acres Subdivision of Lot 5, Mrs. M.A. Miller’s Plantation, now
in the City of North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas.
Parcel: 23N0670016900
North Little Rock, AR

4. 715 W. 41st. Street
Brian Knight
Legal Description: West 6 feet of South 130 feet of Lot 24, and the East
49.5 feet of the South 130 feet of lot 23, Block 1, Henry’s Addition to
North Little Rock, Arkansas
Parcel: 33N1550003100
North Little Rock, AR

5. 812 N. I Street
Retta M. Gilliam
Lot: 19 Block: 13 Sub: Dixie Sub
Parcel: 23N0460025100
North Little Rock, AR

6. 1000 N. H Street
Hiawatha Lewis
Lot: 12 Block: 13 Sub: Dixie Sub
Parcel: 23N0460022200
North Little Rock, AR

7. 1108 N. H Street
Thomas or Pearson Bowens
Lot: 16 Block: 2 Sub: Dixie Sub
Parcel: 23N0460003700
North Little Rock, AR 33

8. 2401 Moss- also known as 1109 W. 24TH. Street
Victoria Bowman
Lot: 5 Block: 2 Sub: Union Heights
Parcel: 33N2420001300
North Little Rock, AR

9. 1722 N. Magnolia Street
Jorge Marquez / Manuel Enriquez
Legal Description: THE N 50’ OF LTS 4, 5, & 6 BK 4 EXC THE E5’ OF
N50’ LT 5 & THE N 50’ LT 4 BK 4 FISHERS REPLAT PF BK 4 26-2N-12W
Parcel: 33N2190002900
North Little Rock, AR

10. 1823 Franklin Street
IRemodel Properties LLC
Legal Description: M O P LTS 1&2 13 Missouri Pacific Sub
Parcel: 33N2460014000
North Little Rock, AR

11. 3011 Gribble Street
Robert Glasgow
Lot: 17 Block: 67 Topfs Sub
Parcel: 24N0130004300
North Little Rock, AR
Notice is hereby given that a building or other structure located upon the previously described lands will be considered for condemnation by the North Little Rock City Council at their meeting on OCTOBER 23RD, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. has a right to contest the condemnation of this structure before the City Council at the public hearing.
Felecia McHenry, Director DR1T-9/19/23