PCBA members inspire next generation

April 22-28, 2024

“A Day in the Life” at Mills University Studies High School

By Cindy Smith

Three members of the Pulaski County Bar Association (PCBA) recently took part in the “A Day in the Life” career panel at Mills University Studies High School, in collaboration with the Academies of Central Arkansas. Zachary Nicholson of Hilburn & Harper Law firm, Tyler Mlakar of Rose Law Firm, and Eli Cummins, Law Clerk for Judge Gill, graciously shared insights into their legal careers with nearly 60 students from Juvenile Justice 1 and 2 classes.


The morning of March 28th was filled with engaging discussions as each speaker recounted their journey into law and the details of their daily routines. Students were eager to learn about various aspects of legal practice, from prerequisites for law school to the finer details of courtroom attire.


Questions ranged from what they need to know before going to law school to how much Tyler Mlakar’s suit and shoes cost.


Other questions included:


• What do you have to score on the Bar Exam?


• How much is Law School?


• Do you feel comfortable wearing a suit?  Do you have to wear a tie all day?


• Do you get paid as a Law Clerk?


• Were you nervous on your first case?  (a big yes from all speakers!)


• Did you have to learn a different way of writing?


• What is a retainer fee?


• Is it necessary to have a briefcase?  Can you use a backpack?  Our speakers showed both a briefcase and a backpack!


• What are the Pros and Cons on becoming an attorney?


•What was your first big purchase?


The PCBA extends its heartfelt gratitude to Zachary Nicholson, Tyler Mlakar, and Eli Cummins for generously volunteering their time and expertise to enrich the educational experience of these motivated students. This partnership between the PCBA and the Academies of Central Arkansas exemplifies a commitment to nurturing future leaders in the legal community.


The Academies of Central Arkansas represents a transformative approach to high school education, aiming to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in college, careers, and beyond. The PCBA is proud to support this initiative and looks forward to continued collaboration in shaping the future of legal education and practice.  


Cindy Smith is the executive director of the Pulaski County Bar Association